Michael Heart – What About Us (Song for Syria)

What About Us (Song for Syria)

Two years an counting, a hundred thousand dead

And still you wait
Innocent civilians have bled the ground red
And still you wait
the world is busy living an ordinari life 
with school and wort and family
and sleeping safe at night 

but what about us

don’t we count at all should we just keep on dying 
while youre waiting to solve
the political mess
all you do is stall
can’t you see the bloody writing 
all over the wall 
what about us

chemical rockets raining from the sky

and still you wait 
millions of refugees running for their lives
and still you wait

this page we write in history 
of the human race
inked in blood for all to see
we never can erase

can’t you hear us calling?

can’t you feel our pain 
what’ll it take to free us from this chains 


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